A Kiss


A Kiss is a funny, light-hearted and adventurous short movie about three teenage friends living in an asylum shelter in the Netherlands.

Abdi, a 12-year-old Syrian refugee, has fallen in love with the 15-year-old Leyli and wants nothing more than to have her be his partner for the summer disco. But Abdi lacks the courage to ask Leyli. After finding out that at the end of the week he and his family will be moved to another asylum shelter, our young hero embarks on an unstoppable journey to win over Leyli’s heart and to seal it with an intimate kiss.

A Kiss is a short film made with kids aged between 10 and 15 years old, living in asylum shelters (AZC in Dutch) throughout Netherland. For months these kids were trained in acting. They had workshops and went to a theatre camp where professionals gave them a crash course in acting. 

Color, 30 min, live-action, drama, immigration, youth.

Director: Nima Mohaghegh

Written by: Nima Mohaghegh, Saman Amini

Producers: Christine de Jager, Nima Mohaghegh, Saman Amini

Cinematography: Joris Bulstra

Editor: Wouter van Luijn, NCE

Sound-Design: Quincy Vlijtig, Michaël Sauvage

Composer: Zbigniew Wolny

Production Design: Jasmijn Huijsmans, Marten Hoekstra

International Première: New York International Children’s Film Festival



  • Nederlands Filmfestival 2018, Gouden Kalf competition, The Netherlands.
  • Cinekid Filmfestival 2018, Short film competition, The Netherlands.


Awards & Nominations:

  • Beste Dutch Short Film, Cinekid 2018.
  • Nomination: Gouden Kalf best short film, Nederlands Filmfestival 2018.
Client: Black Sheep Can Fly
Date: October 1, 2018
Services: Sales, Festival distribution