Yulia & Juliet


Yulia & Juliet is contemporary love story based on Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet.

Yulia and Juliet, both 16, are locked up in a closed juvenile detention centre. Despite their circumstances, they feel like they can take on anything together. They’re in love with each other. Nothing can hurt them when they’re together.
But then Juliet is released. Her time in the institution is over. Yulia doesn’t know what to do. She can’t live without Juliet. Juliet leaves the institution with mixed feelings. She tries to give Yulia courage: they’ll see each other soon, when they’re both out. When Juliet is out, the two girls stay in touch through voicemails and phone calls. Yulia is starting to believe that they’ll see each other soon, when the judge tells her she can’t go home yet. She has to stay in the detention centre for many more months. Yulia is devastated and breaks off all communication with Juliet. After all, they’re love is impossible. Now Juliet is the one who’s distraught. She decides to get herself arrested for shoplifting and then heavily resist the arrest, so she can return to the detention centre with Yulia. Yulia, unaware of these plans, swallows all the medication she’s been stashing and waits for it to kick in. Then they see each other again. They stand across from each other in the institution. Juliet black and blue from the fight during her arrest, Yulia on the verge of collapsing. They look at each other with love in their eyes. Then everything goes black.

Color, 12 min, fiction, drama, LGBT.

Director: Zara Dwinger

Screenplay by: Jolein Laarman

Producers: Erik Glijnis, Leontine Petit

Cinematography: Douwe Hennink

Editor: Fatih Tura

Sound design: Tijn Hazen

Composers: Ella van der Woude & Juho Nurmela

Production Design: Tim Balk


International Première: Berlinale Generation 2019


Festival selections:

  • Nederlands Film Festival 2018, debut competition, The Netherlands.


Client: Lemming Film
Date: October 1, 2018
Services: Sales, Festival distribution

International Trailer