What is Kapitein Kort?

Kapitein Kort is an Amsterdam based short film agency specialized in festival strategies and short film programming. It was founded in 2016 by Hidde de Vries. With the growing importance of film festivals for directors and producers, Kapitein Kort tries to help emerging talents by developing film festival strategies, organizing submissions and taking care of transport and information requests for films.

We believe in a festival strategy that focuses on getting shorts to an audience, to film professionals and to fellow filmmakers, so the strategy works for the development, the inspiration and long term goals of the film maker or producer. Therefore we work mostly with student filmmakers and those who make their first, second or third film. 

Our films are daring, young and try to combine genres. We specialize in narrative shorts for younger audiences, but also love to work with female directors, more fictionalized documentaries, student filmmakers & LGBTQ+ themed films. Shorts that challenge the status quo and give a new perspective on the world we live in.

Curious about our films or are you looking for help with distributing your (short)film? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.