Yulia&Juliet premieres at Berlinale Generation 2019

Yulia&Juliet, the new short film by Zara Dwinger, will have it’s international première at Berlinale Generation 2019 14plus section. Great start of the film festival season for this LGBTQ+-themed short. We’re now accepting requests for screeners through our contact page. 

“The stars in this years’ programme are self-determined beings, who are often challenged by conservative traditions and who choose to set off on new paths. Often the creativity that they discover grows out of an aimless boredom – it seems adults have nearly forgotten the great productivity that this state can engender.”

For full press release, please check out the Berlinale website.

Yulia & Juliet is contemporary love story about two girls finding love and each other in a juvenile detention center, based on Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet.


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