As Philine tries to earn a spot in the most prestigious boat of her university rowing club, a mysterious voice invades her university campus. It is looking for unity and connection in a world trapped in isolation, where everyone is pursuing their own individual goals.


Short film | 00:26:31 | Fiction | Themes: Coming of Age, Student Film, Performance Pressure| Color | 2:66:1 | the Netherlands | Language: Dutch | Subtitles: English| Format: DCP, ProRes | Dolby 5.1 & Stereo LtRt


Directed by Thom Lunshof
Written by Sam Dijkstra & Thom Lunshof
Produced by Pieter Kapteijns, Indy Kisoen & Maayke Pleijers 
for the Netherlands Film Academy
Cinematography by Amit Kumar
Editor: Pepijn Ahsman
Sound design: Burak Öztaş
Composer: Renán Zelada

Internationale premiere: tba


  • Showcase of the Netherlands Film Academy 2020, the Netherlands 🏆
  • Netherlands Film Festival 2020, student competition, the Netherlands🏆


  • Topkapi Films Fiction Award 2020, Showcase of the Netherlands Film Academy. 
  • Fentener van Vlissingen Fonds Award(for Sound Design by Burak Öztaş), Netherlands Film Festival 2020.
  • Wildcard by Netherlands Film Fund(€50.000,-) for Thom Lunshof, Netherlands Film Festival 2020.


Client: Nederlandse Filmacademie
Date: December 1, 2020
Services: Festival distribution & Strategy