Kimya (Swahili for ‘silence’) is a portrait of twelve year old Josephine, her loud family and her first night ever, staying home alone. 

Kimya (Swahili for silence) is a story about the first moment of silence in the life of twelve year old Josephine. Josie is growing up in a house where the doors are never locked. Everybody’s always welcome in her mother’s house. She doesn’t much feel like part of the family. She doesn’t like noise or people that much. When Josie’s finally home alone for the first time, she thinks it might be the best day of her life. She soon realizes however, that home might be too quiet on her own. 

Short Film | 00:09:02 | Narrative Fiction| Themes: Children, Youth | Spoken Language: Swahili & Dutch | Subtitles: English & Dutch | Format: ProRes & DCP | Sound: Stereo LtRt & 5.1 | 2.35:1 | Color

Written & Directed by: Amira Duynhouwer

Producers: Jolijn van Rinsum & Thomas Mataheru for Blanc Film

Cinematography: Dionne Cats

Editor: Tessel de Vries

Sound Design: Meghan van der Meer


International Premiere: TBA



  • Cinekid Film Festival 2019, Dutch short competition, The Netherlands.



Client: Blanc Film
Date: September 1, 2019
Services: Festival distribution & Strategy