When Xiomara is on the verge of leaving the island of Aruba to start studying, the girlfriends Julie & Xiomara enjoy their last melancholic day full of rituals together.

Like every year, girlfriends Julie and Xiomara celebrate carnival together. The day consists of their regular rituals, but Julie slowly realizes that she will have to miss Xiomara – who is moving from Aruba to the Netherlands – next year. The girls will never see each other again as they do now. The melancholic film tells the story of hundreds of students who leave the ABC Islands each year due to a study in the Netherlands. This means that they leave everything and everyone behind to start a new life in a strange environment.

Short Film | 00:15:24 | Narrative Fiction | Genre: Coming of Age | Themes: Coming of Age, Friendship, Caribbean | 4:3 | The Netherlands/Aruba | Spoken language: Papiamento | Subtitles: English | Format: DCP, ProRes | Dolby 5.1 & Stereo LtRt

Director: Aramis Garcia Gonzalez

Written By: Aramis Garcia Gonzalez & Elise van der Linde

Producers: Belinde de Veer & Aramis Garcia Gonzalez

Cinematography: Fernando Barrientos

Editor: Eva van Weeghel

Sound Design: Eva Meertens



  • Netherlands Film Festival 2019, debut competition, The Netherlands.
  • Northern Film Festival 2019, short film program, The Netherlands.
  • VERS Awards 2019, short film competition, The Netherlands.
  • Compagnie Theater Amsterdam 2019, Pearls of the Caribbean cinema, The Netherlands. 
  • Sehsüchte Int. Student FF 2020, Future Teens Competition, Germany.
  • Brest European Short Film Festival 2020, Panorama Section, France.
  • IFFR Curacao 2020, short film competition, Curacao
  • IDFA 2020, New Originals Programme, the Netherlands


Client: Aramis Garcia Gonzalez
Date: September 1, 2019
Services: Festival distribution & Strategy