Swimming to the Moon


Sam, a 17-year-old boy, struggles with the disapproval of his father when he wants to become a Muslim. On the day of performing the Shahada he needs to make a decision.

The shadow of his father travels with Sam like a backpack. It is a black cloud that is always above his head. It is a guilt he carries with him, because he never wanted to hurt his father or to put him in a difficult position. His father is afraid to lose his son, and tries to protect him out of love. For Sam it is more an inner conflict: you want your family to accept you the way you are, but on the other side you want to believe in the things you feel is right. 

Color, 5 min, fiction, drama, animation.

Director & Animator: Madeleine Homan

Screenwriters: Perla Vita Beerens & Elvira Porcedda

Producers: Thijme Grol, Julie Janssen

Cinematography: Niels Lelieveld

Editor: Selle Sellink

Sound Design: Koos van der Vaart, Selle Sellink

Composer: Tom Schipper

Production Design: Madeleine Homan

Art Director: Louka Hoogendijk

Première: TBA

Festival selections:

  • Keep an Eye Filmfestival 2018, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Sharjah International Youth Film Festival 2019, short competition, UAE.
  • Van Eigen Bodem Festival 2019, shorts program, The Netherlands.
  • Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival 2019, animation competition, USA
  • ReAnimania Film Festival 2019, graduation film competition, Iran.
  • Short Movie Sunday 2019, shorts program, The Netherlands.


Client: Nederlandse Filmacademie
Website: facebook.com
Date: July 1, 2018
Services: Sales, Distribution