Über Wasser

A city, in summer. The morning coolness in the river does not last long, the heat covers the city like a magnifying glass under which supposedly trivial everyday nuisances suddenly take on weight. Eli tries to escape the narrowness and agitation of the city – yet keeps being confronted with aggression. And the rage starts to build up within her.

Short film | 00:12:15 | Narrative Fiction | Themes: Patriarchy, Female Gaze,  | Colour | 1.85:1 | Switzerland| Spoken language: Swiss German | Subtitles: English, Germany, French | Format: DCP, ProRes | Dolby 5.1 & Stereo LtRt


Written & directed by Jela Hasler


Client: LangFilm
Website: langfilm.ch
Date: July 1, 2021
Services: Festival distribution & Strategy