Un Chanteur Invisible

About 130 days a year, the unpredictable and cold mistral races through the Provence.

This notorious wind leaves its traces in the landscape and the lives of the inhabitants of this area. He disrupts, challenges, torments, inspires. People put up with it, they play it, and they try to give it shape. Through the eyes of the inhabitants of the Provence this film paints a portrait of the mistral. But is it still the wind, or a reflection of the people themselves? In search of the meaning of this majestic wind, the tangible gradually merges with the intangible..

Short Film | 00:27:00 | Documentary | Genre: Student Film | 2.35:1 | The Netherlands/France | Spoken language: French | Subtitles: English & Dutch | Format: DCP, ProRes | Dolby 5.1 & Stereo LtRt

A graduation film of The Netherlands Film Academy

Director: Hannah van Tassel

Producers: Hester Breunissen & Yasmin van Dorp

Cinematography: Jeroen Klokgieters

Editor: Eva Plompen

Sound Design: Sofie van der Meer

Composer: Nico Maas


International Premiere: TBA



  • Keep an Eye Filmacademie Festival 2019, Film Academy graduation showcase, The Netherlands
  • Netherlands Film Festival 2019, student competition, The Netherlands.
  • Go Short International Film Festival 2020, Dutch Competition, The Netherlands.


  • Documentary Wildcard for New Documentary Talent 2019(€50.000,-), Netherlands Film Festival/Netherlands Film Fund, The Netherlands.


Client: The Netherlands Film Academy
Date: September 1, 2019
Services: Festival distribution & Strategy