Why Didn’t You Stay For Me?

Four children.  One director. Each lost a parent to suicide. When director Milou probes the questions no one ever dared to ask her, the kids finally tell us about the journey they made from the moment they heard the news.


Short documentary| 00:25:00 | Themes: Coming of Age, Student film, Suicide, Children/Youth | Color | 1:1.85 | the Netherlands | Language: Dutch | Subtitles: Engels | Format: DCP, ProRes | Dolby 5.1 & Stereo LtRt


Directed by Milou Gevers
Produced by Annerose van Strijen en Quita Ruijgrok 
for the Netherlands Film Academy
Cinematography by Lola Mooij
Editor: Richelle van Loon
Sound design: Thomas Machtel
Composer: Nikolaï Clavier


Internationale premire: Doc Edge Film Festival 2021, international short competition, New Zealand.



  • Showcase of the Netherlands Film Academy 2020, the Netherlands🏆
  • Nederlands Film Festival 2020, studentencompetition, the Netherlands🏆
  • International Filmfestival Assen 2021, KersVers competitie, the Netherlands
  • Doc Edge Film Festival 2021, international short competition, New Zealand.
  • Mo&Friese Kinderkurzfilmfestival 2021, neon competition, Germany
  • Zlìn Film Festival 2021, Zlìn Dog competition, Czech Republic.


  • VPRO Documentaire Award 2020, Showcase van de Nederlandse Filmacademie 2020. 
  • KNF Award voor beste eindexamenproductie, Nederlands Film Festival 2020.
  • Wildcard van het Nederlands Filmfonds(€50.000,-) voor Milou Gevers, Nederlands Film Festival 2020.


Client: Nederlandse Filmacademie
Date: December 1, 2020
Services: Festival distribution & Strategy